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1. a woman who has survived her husband, esp one who has not remarried
2. (in some card games) an additional hand or set of cards exposed on the table

What does it mean when you dream about a widow?

It has been said that a woman dreaming about being a widow can represent either fear of losing a husband or a desire to be free of one’s marriage. The same meaning can be extended to a man dreaming about being a widower.

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It was initially thought they were the less dangerous Brown Widow, but tests have revealed them to be the more deadly arachnid.
The widows became so successful that dozens of Champagnes added ''Veuve'' to their names even though no widow ran the house -- just for its mystique and marketing value.
To overcome stigma, two widow camps have reached out to more than 200 widows to motivate them to be confident and demand their rights.
The report released by the Association of Parents of Disappeared People (APDP), Half Widow, Half Wife?
Widow's port was an almost undrinkable wine: Just as a widow retained her husband's name after he was gone, so too this wine was port in name only.
A widow regardless of her age has to confine herself to a corner of the house and lead a life of isolation.
Through WANE, over 300 widow groupings have been formed in Ghana, with membership swelling to over 6,000 nationwide.
During the hearing Justice Athar Minallah has remarked that administration should accept that they sealed the widow house despite the fact case was running in the case and questioned that in which law they seal the house.
According to earlier rules, the widow received the allowance until her remarriage or death.
ISLAMABAD -- International Widows Day marked on Friday (June, 23) across the globe to address poverty and injustice faced by widows and their children in many countries.