Wilberforce University

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Wilberforce University,

at Wilberforce, Ohio, near Xenia; African Methodist Episcopal; coeducational; chartered and opened 1856. Wilberforce provided one of the first opportunities for African Americans to pursue advanced academic training. In 1863 it absorbed Union Seminary (est. 1847). The university adopted a cooperative education program in 1964, whereby its students alternate periods of academic and professional work.
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Young also taught military science at Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio.
Floyd Flake, who presided over Wilberforce University while pastoring Allen A.
Lucky, who discovered Riley's forgotten book in the library archives at Wilberforce University in Ohio, provides an introduction and notes on events, society, and religious practice in the antebellum era and during the Civil War and Reconstruction, and places "A Mysterious Life and Calling: From Slavery to Ministry in South Carolina" in the context of other spiritual autobiographies and slave narratives.
Elected officials, Queens Elite Marching Band, Girl Scouts, Color Guards, Greek letter organizations, students from Allen Christian School and Wilberforce University Alums are expected to march in Greater Allen Cathedral's 1st Inaugural Parade.
The land for Ohio's Wilberforce University, the nation's oldest
Barnes, 1881), active participation over a period of forty-four years in the American Philological Association, and a career teaching classical languages at Wilberforce University in Ohio.
Anouar Boukhars is director of the Center for Defense and Security Policy at Wilberforce University, and a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center.
Anouar Boukhars , director of the Center for Defense and Security Policy at Wilberforce University, is a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center.
Nelson declined their offer because of a longstanding desire to attend Wilberforce University.
Strategic partnership agreements have been made with the following institutions: Bellevue University, Central Michigan University, Cuyahoga Community College, DeVry University, Eastern Michigan University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Lawrence Technological University, National-Lewis University, Park University, Sinclair Community College, Webster University, Wilberforce University, Wright State University, University of Dayton, and University of Missouri-Rolla.
When the Civil War begins, George is a student at Wilberforce University.
The professor then moved from Waco, Texas, to Wilberforce, Ohio, and located a teaching position at Wilberforce University, which was recognized as "the best of the sixteen AME academic institutions" in the early nineteenth-century.