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see gnugnu
or wildebeest
, large African antelope, genus Connochaetes. Its heavy head and humped shoulders resemble those of a buffalo, while the compact hindquarters are like those of a horse. The gnu has a beard, a short, erect mane, and a long, flowing tail.
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No more smug yuppies in jeeps with bull bars ploughing through city streets like they were on the Serengetti plain treating the rest of the population like we were particularly stubborn wildebeast as they chat to each other on their satellite mobiles.
Another highlight is the Serengeti pattern, a very different animal look and a tribute to the wildebeast of Tanzania.
The wonders of the natural world can be breath-taking - the sheer size of a blue whale in the ocean, the majesty of a tiger in the jungle and the spectacle of an African wildebeast migration - but it is often the slices of nature which are normally hidden from view which can be the most beautiful and awe-inspiring as Thomas Marent superbly demonstrates in his photographic journey through the rainforests of the world.