Wilderness Road

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Wilderness Road,

principal avenue of westward migration for U.S. pioneers from c.1790 to 1840, blazed in 1775 by the American frontiersman Daniel BooneBoone, Daniel,
1734–1820, American frontiersman, b. Oley (now Exeter) township, near Reading, Pa.

The Boones, English Quakers, left Pennsylvania in 1750 and settled (1751 or 1752) in the Yadkin valley of North Carolina.
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 and an advance party of the Transylvania CompanyTransylvania Company,
association formed to exploit and colonize the area now comprising much of Kentucky and Tennessee. Organized first (Aug., 1774) as the Louisa Company, it was reorganized (Jan., 1775) as the Transylvania Company.
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. Feeders from the east (Richmond, Va.) and the north (Harpers Ferry, W.Va.) converged at Fort Chiswell in the Shenandoah valley. Boone's road ran southwest from there through the valley, then W across the Appalachian Mts. and through Cumberland GapCumberland Gap,
natural passage through the Cumberland Mts., near the point where Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee meet. The gap was formed by the erosive action of a stream that once flowed there. It was explored and named in 1750 by Dr.
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 into the Kentucky bluegrass region and to the Ohio River. The road followed old buffalo traces and Native American paths, but much of it had to be cut through the wilderness. In the early years, many travelers fell victim to hostile Native Americans.

After Kentucky became a state in 1792, the road was widened to accommodate wagons. Private contractors, authorized to keep up sections of the road, charged tolls for its use. With the building of the National Road, the Wilderness Road was neglected and finally abandoned in the 1840s. Since 1926 the Wilderness Road has been a section of U.S. Route 25, the Dixie Highway.

Wilderness Road

pioneer route from eastern Virginia to Kentucky. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 924]
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With its habitat now further marginalized, hope for the species' future came when plans to modify Wilderness Road were cancelled.
In this new frontier context there are new wilderness roads to which and along which we are sent to bear witness to the reign of God, which broke into the world in and through the person of Jesus Christ.
That, in turn, allowed the National Park Service to begin to replace the missing mountainside and rebuild that section of the Wilderness Road.
GEMS, which is sponsored by the UK Center for Manufacturing in the College of Engineering, the Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road Council (GSKWRC), and the Society of Women Engineers, was developed in response to the need for more women in math, science and technology careers.
Beyond The Wilderness Road runs at The Tom McGuinness Gallery, Bishop Auckland Town Hall from June 30 to July 19.
As part of WGBH/Boston and Vulcan Productions' Rx for Child Survival(TM), a nationwide mobilization campaign created by WGBH/PBS Boston and Vulcan Productions, KET is working with the Girl Scouts Wilderness Road Council, Inc.
Narrator D: In the spring of 1775, Boone and a crew of men use axes to hack out the Wilderness Road into Kentucky (map, p.
After Daniel Boone blazed a trail through the gap that became the Wilderness Road, thousands of settlers seeking new beginnings traveled westward through Cumberland Gap to the fabled Nuegrass region of Kentucky and the fertile valley of the Cumberland River in Middle Tennessee.
Kentucky's Routes 11 and 25 cover much of Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road.
They stand at the Pinnacle, a 2,440-foot-high overlook in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park above the old Wilderness Road, and look west into Kentucky and Tennessee, the land that held such promise for early Americans.
The court was told that Mr Brown, from Billingham, died instantly after he was struck by a green Volvo on Stockton Road, also known as the Wilderness Road, between Middlesbrough and Stockton, at about 10.
Daniel Boone helped create the Wilderness Road, which opened Kentucky to settlers.

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