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city (1990 pop. 4,484), Cape May co., SE N.J., on an island off Cape May; settled 1882, inc. as a city 1911. It has large commercial fisheries and is a popular summer seaside resort with many vintage motels and other buildings from the 1940s–60s. In 2012 the city suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy.
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A planning statement from agent, Brown, said: "This will be the first restaurant Wildwood have in Wales, so it is special to them, and the two owners actively take an interest in each of their premises.
They are guided in their research by an Advisory Board that includes Wildwood faculty and scientists from MIT, UCLA, JPL, and Loyola Marymount University.
When applying for funding, the Water District also will include a hydroelectric power facility that will be capable of generating electrical power as a result of falling recycled water in the Wildwood Canyon area.
A Consulting Firm was hired to provide Lake Wildwood Association with a 30-year cost analysis based upon the 3 options.
Opening in 1950 at Cook's Canyon in Barre, Camp Wildwood pioneered the concept of giving children at camp an environmental education - and making it fun.
Commercial property consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) is retained by Maximus as the sole managing agent for Wildwood Triangle.
Wildwood Dancing will appeal widely to YAs who like authors such as Patricia McKillip.
Dick Idol comes the Woodberry and Wildwood collections, both of which include dinnerware and barware.
Wildwood Natural Foods offers SOY Sour Cream Alternative, an organic, vegan version of the traditional dip or baked potato and Mexican fare topping.
Separately, Wildwood announces the appointment of Paul S-U Kang as president and CEO.
The tree is very adaptable and a must for every garden," says Ricardo Monte of Wildwood Farm Nursery & Sculpture Garden in Kenwood, California.