Roentgen, Wilhelm Conrad

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Roentgen or Röntgen, Wilhelm Conrad

(both: rĕnt`gĭn, rŭnt`–, Ger. vĭl`hĕlm kôn`rät rönt`gən), 1845–1923, German physicist. His notable research in many fields of physics, especially thermology, mechanics, and electricity, has been overshadowed by his discovery (1895) of a short-wave ray, the Roentgen ray, or X rayX ray,
invisible, highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation of much shorter wavelength (higher frequency) than visible light. The wavelength range for X rays is from about 10−8 m to about 10−11
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, for which he received the first Nobel Prize in Physics (1901). He taught at several German universities, including those at Würzburg (1888–99) and Munich (1899–1920).


See biography by W. R. Nitske (1971).

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