Wilhelm Müller

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Müller, Wilhelm


Born Oct. 7, 1794, in Dessau; died there Sept. 30, 1827. German author.

The son of a shoemaker, Müller studied philology, philosophy, and history at the University of Berlin. He served in the Prussian Army during the war against Napoleon (1813–14). In 1816 he published his Anthology of Minnesingers, a collection of poetry inspired by ancient German love songs. He published his impressions of travels in Italy in his epistolary work Rome, Roman Men and Women (vols. 1–2, 1820). Between 1821 and 1824, Müller published well-known cycles of poems about the plight of Greece under the Turkish yoke. He was the author of more than 300 epigrams in the spirit of Goethe’s and Schiller’s Xenien.


Gedichte. Berlin, 1906.
In Russian translation:
Kolomiitsev, V. Teksty pesen F. Shuberta. Leningrad, 1933.


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Schubert's initial first performance (1827) of his winter's journeying only took into account the first 12 poems by Wilhelm Muller.
Through poems by Wilhelm Muller, Winterreise tells of a jilted lover journeying through a cold, wintry landscape, revisiting his love experience in flashbacks, seeking escape and ultimately death by the end.
If there is an acid test for any lieder singer, it is undoubtedly Schubert's Winterreise, a cycle of twenty-four settings of poems by Wilhelm Muller that is generally regarded as the pinnacle of lieder singing, a sequence of songs as thrilling for listeners as it is for the performer.
This impressive late 18th- or early 19th-century piece, confected of painted wood, rattan and feathers, was collected by Dr Wilhelm Muller during the 1908-10 Hamburg South Seas Expedition (Michel Thieme Tribal Art).
Zarncke (Mittelhochdeutsches Worterbuch mit Benutzung des Nachlasses von Georg Benecke, ausgearbeitet von Wilhelm Muller, 4 vols (Leipzig: Hirzel, 1854-61) (abbreviated BMZ).
Schubert's late, great song cycle, Winterreise (he corrected the proofs of Part II on his death bed in 1828), is a very different sort of animal from the 1823 cycle Die schone Mullerin, both settings of poems by Wilhelm Muller.
And yet his involvement in the poetry of Wilhelm Muller did not for one moment suggest an athletic virtuoso.
This slim poetry volume is a variation on Franz Schubert's lieder cycle Winterreise, a collection of twenty-four songs with lyrics by Wilhelm Muller.
The Chronicle revealed on Tuesday night that Michael Owen had been packed off to Germany to see top specialist Dr Hans- Wilhelm Muller Wohlfahrt in Munich after the striker tore a thigh muscle in England's friendly win over Austria on Friday night.
Youens describes at length the painful relationships between the idiosyncratic, tormented Luise Hensel and each of four men: the poet Wilhelm Muller, the writer Clemens Brentano, the statesman Ludwig von Gerlach, and the composer Ludwig Berger.
One of the constant motifs of this particular book is the works of Wilhelm Muller, used by Schubert for one of his song cycles.