David Wilkie

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Wilkie, David


Born Nov. 18, 1785, in Cults, Scotland; died June 1, 1841, aboard a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Scottish painter.

Wilkie began his studies in 1805 at the Royal Academy, where he also did most of his work. Between 1814 and 1828 he made frequent visits to Europe and in 1840 traveled to the Middle East. The foremost Scottish genre painter, Wilkie also executed scenes with historical themes and portraits. His works, such as The Blind Fiddler (1806, National Gallery, London), are marked by realism, both in the depiction of the figures and in the representation of the setting, and by a natural composition and coloring. Wil-kie’s Self-Portrait (1813) hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Bayne, W. Sir David Wilkie. London-New York, 1903.
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