Wilkinson, Charles

Wilkinson, (Charles Burnham) “Bud”

(1915–  ) football coach; born in Minneapolis, Minn. He coached the University of Oklahoma (1947–64) to three national titles, twelve consecutive Big Eight titles, and a National Collegiate Athletic Association record 47-game winning streak (1953–57). He headed President John F. Kennedy's Physical Fitness Program and in 1964 he ran unsuccessfully for U.S. senator from Oklahoma.
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Following a recent surge of interest in its range, the company both reinvested its own profits and worked with David Wilkinson, Charles Treloar and Lesley Shield from RBS to secure the remaining funds.
Third row: Norton Clarke, John Holden, Donald Wilkinson, Charles Cooper, Michael Neale, Edwin Mowe, Tony Weaver, Roy Peake, Ted Hollis, Doreen Ledington, Lionel Holtom and Bill Parkyn.
Joanna Wilkinson, Charles Rutenberg Realty, and Beatriz Dacunha.
Cheyenne Thayer, RaeLynn Thornton, Kate Tidrick, Kaili Timperley, Kelly Tuerffs, Emma Turner, Eric Vanderhoof, Brian Vineyard, Hawley Ward, Heath Webb, Whitney Wege, Dylan White, Molly White, Breanna Wilkinson, Charles Williams, Christopher Williams, Dylan Williams, Tavie Wiscarson, Jacob Wood, Kaitlin Woodward, Jacob Woody, Benjamin Wreath, Anna Yager, Lacey Yearous, Brandon Yoss and Adam Zigler.