Willem Marinus Dudok

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Willem Marinus Dudok
BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

Dudok, Willem Marinus


Born July 6, 1884, in Amsterdam. Dutch architect.

Dudok studied at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. In 1915 he became chief architect of the garden city Hilversum, which became an important center of modern Dutch architecture. In 1935, Dudok drew up a plan of development for The Hague and later constructed a number of housing complexes there. His buildings in Hilversum include baths (1921), a slaughterhouse (1923-24), and the town hall (1928-30). Dudok also built the Municipal Theater in Utrecht (1938-41) and the port administration building in Amsterdam (1958-60). His architecture is notable for its grandeur, emphasis upon three-dimensionality, vivid asymmetry of composition, and expressive, rhythmical contrast of materials (concrete, brick, and glass).


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