William Cecil

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Cecil, William:

see Burghley, William Cecil, 1st BaronBurghley or Burleigh, William Cecil, 1st Baron
, 1520–98, English statesman.
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It was not for William Cecil Clayton, Lord Greystoke, that he had denied his birth.
Michael said: "I know that father of Norwegian mountaineering and Yorkshire man William Cecil Slingsby had been there.
Whoever becomes leader will need the equivalent of William Cecil to England's Elizabeth I, or Amir Kabir to Naser al-Din Shah.
Suddenly on Friday 23rd January 2015, William Cecil (Billy) aged 66 years, devoted partner to Pam, dad to Elaine and Stephen, grandad to James, brother, brother-other-otherin-law and uncle to all the family and a friend to many.
Near Stamford is Burghley House, an Elizabethan mansion, vast and ornate, built by the First Minister of Elizabeth I, Sir William Cecil, later Lord Burghley.
Instead, it encouraged William Cecil to argue that English Catholics who fled England did so not for religious reasons, but for political ones.
The secondary roles, including Lisa DiMaria as Mary's companion Anna, Stephen Hegedus as George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Andrew Love as Lord William Cecil, were also uniformly strong, which made for gorgeous ensemble work.
Much of the inspiration was competition for the attention of Queen Elizabeth I by two of her courtiers, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and William Cecil, Baron of Burghley.
However, Edward cannot put his name to these impassioned works when many, including his puritanical father-in-law William Cecil (David Thewlis), are convinced that the theatre is the crucible of the devil.
Mayor William Cecil wants to make it clear that Mr.
His has been a stifled childhood, adopted into the house-hold of Queen Elizabeth I's chief adviser William Cecil (David Thewlis), blackmailed into a loveless marriage and forbidden to do the one thing he loves--to write--even though he surreptitiously does so, penning A Midsummer Night's Dream at not yet 10 years old.
But if you are not familiar with many of the characters such as Ben Jonson (Sebastian Armesto), William Cecil (David Thewlis) and Robert Cecil (Edward Hogg) then Anonymous will feel like a stodgy mess.