William Cunningham

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Cunningham, William


Born Dec. 29, 1849, in Edinburgh; died June 10, 1919, in Cambridge. British economic historian.

Cunningham was one of the first to undertake general research into the economic history of England. His works are distinguished by an abundance of factual material. However, in analyzing economic processes he alloted the decisive role to the political factor, linking economic development to the actions of the governing authority. He supported J. Chamberlain’s program of imperial protectionism.


In Russian translation:
Rost angliiskoi promyshlennosti i torgovli, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1909.
Sovremennaia tsivilizatsiia v nekotorykh ee ekonomicheskikh proiavleniiakh. Kiev-Kharkov, 1898.
Zapadnaia tsivilizatsiia s ekonomicheskoi tochki zreniia, 2 vols. Moscow, 1902-03.
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