Boris Karloff

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Boris Karloff
William Henry Pratt
BirthplaceHonor Oak, London, England, UK

Karloff, Boris

(kär`lôf, –lŏf), 1887–1969, Anglo-American actor, b. Dulwich, England; his original name was William Henry Pratt. A distinguished character actor with a superb speaking voice, Karloff was famous for his monster roles in Hollywood horror films, notably Frankenstein (1931). His other movies include The Ghoul (1933), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Isle of the Dead (1945), and Targets (1968).

Karloff, Boris (b. William Henry Pratt)

(1887–1969) actor; born in Dulwich, England. After years of touring as an actor in Canada (where he adopted his stage name) he settled in Hollywood in 1919 where he acted in silent films. His role as the monster in Frankenstein (1931) typecast him as a horror movie villain—in real life he was a gentle, refined person—and when he returned to the stage, as he occasionally did, it was also as some menacing character, such as Captain Hook in Peter Pan or the villainous brother in Arsenic and Old Lace. He also created the stereotype of the mad scientist in such movies as Isle of the Dead (1945).
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Boris Karloff, 1887-1969, was born William Henry Pratt in a London suburb, and left Kings College at 21 to tour in stage companies in North America.
12 Boris Karloff's real name was William Henry Pratt and he was educated at Dulwich College, England.