William Henry Twenhofel

Twenhofel, William Henry


Born Apr. 16, 1875, in Covington, Ky.; died Jan. 4, 1957. American geologist.

Twenhofel graduated from Yale University in 1908. He taught at the University of Kansas (1910–45) and the University of Wisconsin (1916–45), becoming a professor in 1921. In the years 1923–31, Twenhofel was chairman of a commission set up to study sedimentation. Under his direction and to a significant extent through his own efforts, the fundamental work Treatise on Sedimentation (1925; Russian translation, 1936) was produced; this work provided the first organization and synthesis of information on recent sediments and sedimentary rocks. Twenhofel formulated the basic principles of sedimentation. He also studied invertebrate paleontology.


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