William Johnson

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Johnson, William

(1771–1834) Supreme Court justice; born in Charleston, S.C. He served in the South Carolina legislature (1794–98) and the state's high court (1798–1804) before President Jefferson named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1804–34). He often dissented from the opinions of Chief Justice John Marshall, thereby establishing the model for recording dissenting court opinions.
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Prosecutor Soheil Khan told the jury at the start of a five-day trial that following the alleged assault on William Johnson, his brother Kevin and his nephew Michael decided to speak to Broadley about the incident after they had been drinking.
Sir William Johnson was eldest son of Christopher Johnson of Smithtown (Ireland) and Anne Warren, sister of Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Warren.
Joseph and John were father and son, and Joseph's sister Mary (Molly) Brant was consort to Sir William Johnson.
The search for justice in this incident brought Hendrick Peters Theyanoguin and William Johnson together for the first time.
Earlier this month FLEXNEWS reported that Heinz chief executive William Johnson said the global economy was in the worst state he has seen during his 35 years in the consumer goods industry and that he would focus on deals in emerging markets to boost company sales.
THIS week we have received a donation of pounds 20 'with birthday memories of a dear mom Gwen Johnson, March 28 and fond memories of William Johnson a much loved dad, both always remembered by Anne, David and Rebecca'.
Like Sanderson, he's a builder for the Belford company, William Johnson & Sons.
William Johnson had been stopped for erratic driving and was later found be a burglary suspect.
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The man turned out to be William Johnson, a wealthy fur trader and landowner.
Food group HJ Heinz's top executive William Johnson was paid EUR18.