Sir William Macewen

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MacEwen, Sir William

(məkyo͞o`ən), 1848–1924, Scottish surgeon. A professor of surgery at the Univ. of Glasgow, he was noted for his work on bone grafting, on the radical cure of hernia, and especially on surgery of the brain and spinal cord.
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The earliest known orotracheal intubation for anaesthesia and surgery was performed by Sir William Macewen (1848 to 1924) in 1878 (9).
When they faced a shortage of artificial limbs, surgeon Sir William Macewen enlisted the help of the men from the Clydeside shipyards to devise a limb and teach the patients how to make it.
Resident surgeon Sir William MacEwen enlisted workers at nearby Clydeside shipyards to make more than 600 artificial limbs for amputee patients.