William Murdock

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Murdock, William


Born Aug. 21, 1754, in Auchinleck, Ayr, Scotland; died Nov. 15, 1839, In soho, near Birmingham. British mechanical engineer.

Beginning in 1777, Murdock collaborated with J. Watt and helped improve the steam engine. He invented a steam engine with an oscillating cylinder (1784), a stone-drilling machine (1798), and a slide valve (1799). In 1792 he achieved dry distillation of coal, and in 1803 he used the gas obtained by distillation to provide lighting for a factory in Soho.

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In fact, the church became known as the Westminster Abbey of the Industrial Revolution because it commemorates the three local engineers and inventors who were at the heart of it: Boulton, James Watt and William Murdock.
under the direction of loading officer William Murdock.
Mr Murdock's Birthday Picnic, at Soho House, in Handsworth, on August 21, commemorates the work of Soho's great gas light pioneer and inventor William Murdock.
Watt worked alone on projects such as road vehicles and gas lighting or with the other great Scottish engineer who made Birmingham his home, William Murdock on other ventures.
80) Hamilton's hard won estate estate reverted back to Margaret and then to her new husband, William Murdock.
Dynasty also announces that it has reached a settlement agreement with William Murdock in regard to Murdock's claims as a creditor in the Dynasty bankruptcy matter as well as for other claims that Murdock had, or may have had, against Dynasty Inc.
WILLIAM Murdock was one of the outstanding figures in the turbulent age of industrial revolution.
Highlights in the museum's Power Up gallery include the Smethwick Engine of 1779, the oldest working steam engine in the world, and the miniature locomotive by Boulton and Watt's associate William Murdock, the first selfpropelled vehicle in England.
Matthew Boulton, James Watt, William Murdock, Josiah Wedgwood, Erasmus Darwin, Joseph Priestley and the rest of the Lunar Society met in Birmingham to create the modern world.
He made it plain that the genius behind the event was William Murdock.
We are now seeing real progress as all of the funding partners of the New Street Gateway project are working together, he said; Matthew Boulton, James Watt and William Murdock all made an indelible impression and we can - we must - recapture their spirit if the region is to prosper, says Liam Byrne
Sophie Rivers is a sexy, thirty-something, lecturer from Birmingham who just can't keep out of trouble - especially when murder and arson hit William Murdock College.