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Robinson, (William) Smokey

(1940–  ) singer, songwriter, record producer; born in Detroit, Mich. In high school he formed the Miracles, a vocal group; they signed a contract with Berry Gordy of Motown Records in 1958 and released the hit "Shop Around" in 1960. At Motown Robinson composed and produced many hits such as "My Girl" (1965), helping to perfect the "Motown sound" and refine soul music. He went solo in 1972 and released such successful albums as A Quiet Storm (1974) and Touch the Sky (1983).
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I had not been at home above ten days, when Captain William Robinson, a Cornish man, commander of the Hopewell, a stout ship of three hundred tons, came to my house.
He went on to relate that, in 1659, two Quakers, named William Robinson and Marmaduke Stephen-son, were hanged at Boston.
The first, represented by William Robinson (chairperson), George Evans (speaker) and Hannah Creevy (proposer of the vote of thanks), posed the question "Am I subject to greater inequality?
William Robinson, managing director (pub division) for Robinsons Brewery, commented: "Robinsons are delighted to confirm that we have acquired the Four Alls pub in Caernarfon.
The introduction to the book by the US editor Jeb Sprague and the chapters by leading transnational class scholars Jerry Harris and William Robinson are particularly helpful in this regard.
The gardeners hail from around the world and were active in the past 500 years, such as William Kent, Charles Jenck, Andre Le Nftre, Christopher Bradley-Hole, Capability Brown, Roberto Burle Marx, William Robinson, Claude Monet, Lelia Caetani, Christopher Lloyd, Penelope Hobhouse, Thomas Jefferson, Wen Zhengming, and Piet Oudolf.
for further information, please contact william robinson by fax at 203-576-7005 or email mario.
A court heard as Ryan William Robinson put on latex gloves in front of the driver, he ordered him "to get a move on" as the store was nearly closing.
William Robinson, the 19th-century gardening journalist who lived to be almost 100 and is credited by some with being the father of the herbaceous border, spent later life gardening from a specially adapted wheelchair.
Roderick William Robinson, 77, was first arrested while lying low at a rundown campsite on the Algarve in 2010.
Ronald William Robinson was born in Hook near Goole in East seven children.