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Rudolf bought the drawings from the Imhoff family, descendants of Willibald Pirckheimer, the Nuremberg lawyer and scholar and Durer's closest friend.
Reply to Willibald Pirckheimer on the Subject of the Eucharist," d 1; quoted in LW 37:65, footnote 108.
His closest friend and mentor was one of Nurnberg's most distinguished scholars, Willibald Pirckheimer, translator of Hellenic texts into Latin and German.
Also keeping a guiding hand on the fortunes of this young man was Willibald Pirckheimer, the humanist and patrician, who, along with the other three men, were available to assist and encourage Drer throughout most of his life.
Volker Honemann provides a sketch of Johannes Rothe in Eisenach (illustrating that he incorporates a range of various authorial types because of the wide spectrum of his functions as town clerk, schoolmaster, court author and priest), whilst Horst Brunner treats Johann von Soest and Willibald Pirckheimer as two case studies, the former a court author as we know him from the Middle Ages, and the latter a humanist author.
1521), who belonged to the circle of Willibald Pirckheimer, lived at the Schottenkloster in Vienna from 1518 and there made contact with Conrad Celtis.
The abbess, no less a figure than Caritas Pirckheimer (1467-1532), a learned woman and well connected with many of the great humanists of the early sixteenth century (and of course a sister of the famous humanist Willibald Pirckheimer, 1470-1530), declared that she would obey a ruling of the Nuremberg City Council but that there would be no chance for Margarete to return once she had left the convent.
Her discussion here looks at, among others, Erasmus, Mutianus Rufus, Maarten van Dorp, Beatus Rhenanus, Willibald Pirckheimer, Urbanus Rhegius, and Wolfgang Capito.
Durer's participation in this humanist culture -- including his friendship with Celtis and Willibald Pirckheimer [91] -- the vivid descriptions of magic and witchcraft available in the poetry of the ancient world, and the scarcity of actual witch-hunting activity in these years, make the assumption that the Malleus maleficarum lies behind Durer's witches highly problematic.
If the three institutes discussed above have extended the scope of their investigations to the entire early modern period, the Willibald Pirckheimer Gesellschaft, along with the Wolfenbutteler Arbeitskreis fur Renaissance-Forschung, keeps aloft the flag of Renaissance and humanist research.
Moreover, because the organization of the new book trade - with its reliance on merchant capital, varied personnel, and an expanding market - is taken to exemplify the economic spur of emergent consumer society, much of the intellectual history of the period must also be seen as an epiphenomenon, in its gathering around figures like Willibald Pirckheimer and the production, sale, desireability, and collectability of the printed book (chaps.
Noting that scholars have long chuckled over the artist's satirical letters written from Venice to his friend, the humanist Willibald Pirckheimer back in Nuremberg, he asks whether we are correct in separating Direr the man from Durer the artist.