Wilson Dam

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Wilson Dam:

see Tennessee Valley AuthorityTennessee Valley Authority
(TVA), independent U.S. government corporate agency, created in 1933 by act of Congress; it is responsible for the integrated development of the Tennessee River basin.
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We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this necessary work to ensure the continued safe operation of the Wilson Dam and the roadway over the dam.
Changes in the operation of Wilson Dam were begun in 2006 to improve water flows and water quality during warmer months, which was when the die-offs had previously been noted.
Built in 1924, Wilson Dam created a lake that buried a 37-mile stretch of treacherous rapids known as Muscle Shoals.
An exploration of TVA's wetlands and Florence's popular Wilson Dam gave participants insight on how TVA works to protect the region's environment and support economic development in the area.
Following graduation, he joined the Tennessee Valley Authority in September 1940 as junior clerk-stenographer at Wilson Dam, Ala.