Wilson, Colin

Wilson, Colin,

1931–2013, English writer, b. Leicester. Born into a working-class family and largely self-educated, Wilson in many of his books exhorts humankind to expand its powers and realize its full potential. He gained wide and mainly positive critical attention with his first book, The Outsider (1956), which seeks to define the meaning of human existence, praising individuals of rare vision, e.g., Dostoyevsky, Kafka, Nietzsche, G. B. Shaw, et al., who realize that life is futile and who stand apart from a society that conceals this unpleasant truth. Wilson wrote more than 100 works, both nonfiction and fiction, and showed a considerable interest in mystery, murder, the paranormal, and the occult. Among his other books are Beyond the Outsider (1965), The Glass Cage (1966), The Mind Parasites (1967), Bernard Shaw: A Reassessment (1969), The Occult (1971), Order of Assassins (1972), Hesse, Reich, Borges (1974), Life Force (1985), Beyond the Occult (1988), Alien Dawn (1998), and Devil's Party (2000).


See his Autobiographical Reflections (1988) and memoirs, Voyage to a Beginning (1969) and Dreaming to Some Purpose (2004); studies by S. R. Campion (1962), J. A. Wiegel (1975), C. P. Bendau (1979), N. Tredell (1982), K. G. Bergström (1983), J. Moorhouse (1989), H. F. Dossor (1990), G. Lachman (1994), and S. R. Campion (2011); annotated bibliography by C. Stanley (1989).

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Just some of the key names it has played host to over the years include Tony Benn, Kate Adie, Ruth Rendell, PD James, Michael Rosen, Michael Morpurgo, Digby Jones, Terry Waite, Jenny Eclair, Val McDermid, Martin Bell, Julia Neuberger, Barry Cryer, Jacqueline Wilson, Colin Dexter and Jenny Bond.
The quick success which past drafted quarterbacks in the league had in turning franchises around like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck, has added more pressure on newly drafted quarterbacks to produce and produce fast.
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First Division: Angus Village 1 (Mitchel McNally) REMYCA United 2 (Andy Simpkin, Mike McNab); Collegiate OB 2 (Ian McCloughlin, Sam Siddell) Alder FC 0; Copperas Hill 1 (Steve Murphy) BRNESC 5 (og, Anthony Bird, Dave Wilson, Colin Uttermark 2); Kingsley United 3 (Liam Caddick, Andy Inabere 2) Warbreck 2 (Mike Cushion, Mark Pollock); Leyfield 2 Edge Hill BCOB 4; Mackets Grenadier 0 Albany Athletic 2 (Lee Gerard, Phil Farrow); Sacre Coeur FP 3 (Duncan Atkinson, Mike Ricketts, Peter Matheson) Bankfield 1 (Jordan Shirley); Stoneycroft 1 (Joey Woods) Essemmay OB 1 (Jay Green).
Ritchie Richardson (I`m sorry that I missed you - try again); Andrew (Dinga) Bell; Michael, Dave, Walter Geddes, Matty Bloomer, John Wilson, Colin, Iain Townsley, Tony, Stephen, Mark Richardson, Simon, Keith (Gunga) Hagan; Alan Fulthorpe; Barry Lowery; Wynn Sowery and her son Stephen; and also people who I know from Artcare, Oakwellgate, Gateshead in 1983: Anndore Fairless her sons, Mark Aaron and Dale; John Woodcock, Rick (I met you at the NECC) and anyone else.
Huntly co-manager Willie Lawson said: "Older guys like Tommy Wilson, Colin MacRonald and Martin Stewart are thriving in the role of elder statesmen and giving the young boys great encouragement.
Asda South Bank Santa arrives by RNLI in 2002 pulled by lifeboatmen, from left, Bob Wilson, Colin Sharp, Peter Durdan and Pete Russell
Gap, who won 7-0 in the league a few weeks back, never looked back after going six goals up after just 25 minutes in their NE Wales Challenge Cup tie with Dave Evans, Ashley Wilson, Colin Quirk and a Paul Brunt brace helping to seal the win.