Microsoft Windows

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Microsoft Windows

(operating system)
Microsoft's proprietary window system and user interface software released in 1985 to run on top of MS-DOS. Widely criticised for being too slow (hence "Windoze", "Microsloth Windows") on the machines available then.

The 1996 market share of operating systems was:

DOS/Windows 70% Windows 95 15% Windows NT 2% Other 13%

The version history goes something like: 1985 Windows 1, 1987 Windows 2, 1987 Windows/386, 1990 Windows 3.0, 1992 Windows 3.1, 1992 Windows for Workgroups 3.1, 1993 Windows 3.11, 1993 Windows for Workgroups 3.11, 1993 Windows NT 3.1, 1994 Windows NT 3.5, 1995 Windows 95, 199? Windows NT 4, 1998 Windows 98, ? Windows NT 5.

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Upon infection of unprotected systems it attempts to terminate security-related applications and attempts to send the dial-up password on Win 9x and Win ME machines to its creator.
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator 2000 runs on all Windows versions: WIN 9x, WIN ME, WIN NT 4.
Windows 2000 Professional Desktop (formerly NT Workstation) will retail for $319; upgrades from Win 9x and NT Workstation (4.
pdf-Recover Professional is compatible with Win 9x and later Windows versions, Mac OSX and Linux and costs USD 49.
Perl Dev Kit's key new features include: - PerlApp - turns your Perl programs into ready-to-run executables, which can now be built on Win 9x and HP-UX in addition to Linux and Solaris - PerlCtrl - create ActiveX controls written in Perl, which can now be built on Win 9x - PerlNET - use existing .
x, Win 9x, WinNT, Win2K, WinME, WinXP, O/S-2, Novell NetWare, and UNIX clients.
Studies show it will cost as much as $2,050/desktop to migrate from NT and $3,100/desktop to migrate from Win 9x to Windows 2000," adds Mackin.