Citrix XenApp

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Citrix XenApp

Software from Citrix that provides a thin client, multiuser environment for Windows servers. Formerly WinFrame Server, MetaFrame Server and Presentation Server, Citrix developed this software years ago for Windows NT. See WinFrame and thin client.

Streaming Applications
XenApp provides "local application delivery" by streaming the application as needed to the Citrix Receiver software in the user's machine. XenApp can also integrate with and add more options to Microsoft's own App-V application streaming. See application streaming and App-V.

Thin Client Terminal Access
Also known as "shared sessions," XenApp integrates with and adds numerous performance and management enhancements to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services, starting with Windows Server 2008 R2, and to Terminal Services running in earlier Windows servers. XenApp also supports more types of client hardware than Microsoft and uses its own ICA protocol to exchange keyboard, mouse and screen data between the server and client terminals.

Also on Unix Servers
For a long time in the Unix world, X Window has provided shared terminal services. To integrate XenApp with Unix, XenApp sets up an X Window partition in the server for each user and converts between X Window and ICA. See X Window.

Citrix Created Multiuser Windows
In 1997, Citrix licensed its MultiWin technology to Microsoft and it became the underlying foundation in Terminal Services and, subsequently, the shared session component in Remote Desktop Services. See thin client, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, centralized processing and Citrix XenDesktop.

XenApp Shared Session Mode
XenApp relies on the same Citrix foundation that Microsoft's thin client platform does, but XenApp uses the ICA protocol rather than Microsoft's RDP for transferring keyboard, mouse and screen data.
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The Installation Management Services product again has been designed for use with Citrix' MetaFrame and WinFrame server software, enabling IT people to install an application on a single server from where it is automatically distributed and installed to other servers, wherever they are.
By centralizing library application deployment on the WinFrame server, we can deliver fast, targeted, and controlled access to relevant research information to all of our branch libraries from one central location; and the system's single-point, end-to-end application management means the entire library system can realize significant cost savings on acquisition, maintenance, and support costs for its primary research tools.
The access servers route communications via TCP/IP from branch PCs to the WinFrame server, or to a 3COM NetBuilder router for Internet access.
TeleComputing's expertise in deploying and managing Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame server farms in a high-volume ASP production environment - combined with its channel-centric business strategy - will serve to make ASP service an attractive solution for many organizations across the U.
Citrix Installation Management Services works with MetaFrame and WinFrame server software, enabling IT professionals to install an application just once on a single server, then automatically distribute and install that application across tens to hundreds of Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame servers located across the globe -- all from a single point.
users to a backup MetaFrame or WinFrame server farm in the event
0 (Terminal Server Edition), the Citrix WinFrame server or the Citrix MetaFrame, and delivers integrated access to legacy systems and mainframe applications.
UNIX Integration Services, designed to provide X11 devices with basic connectivity to Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame servers, does not offer ICA features such as load balancing, published applications, and low bandwidth connectivity.
0 (Terminal Server Edition) and the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol for connections to applications running on Citrix MetaFrame or Citrix WinFrame servers.
With Citrix Installation Management Services, IT professionals can now install an application once on a single server and have that application automatically published across hundreds of Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame servers located around the globe.
For example, users waiting in an airport can extend their office network by simply connecting their iDEN handsets to notebook PCs or other portable devices to access email, line-of-business and other 32-bit Windows-based applications, which reside and execute 100 percent on Citrix MetaFrame or WinFrame servers -- over a wireless network.