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Winchester also lead the construction of strange add-ons to the original design, including the addition of doors that lead to nowhere, stairs that only lead to ceilings, and a window built into a floor to name a few oddities.
The year was 1866, and the first firearm to bear the name was the 1866 Winchester.
Then in 1933, during the worst of the Great Depression, Winchester decided to confuse everyone again.
The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health & Wellness offers state of the art chiropractic treatments from a board certified chiropractor.
During the fall of 1780, Winchester embraced universalism, a doctrine he had been flirting with for more than a year.
Edith Kate Winchester went to live in Knaresborough where she married hairdresser Alfred Manners in 1911 and had a daughter, Eileen.
Monday, March 5: Halifax v Martlesham, Winchester v Exeter.
Bestseller author Winchester brings that legendary day and its terror to life in this detailed history.
Here at Winchester, we are producing Garand rifles in ever increasing quantities.
The film sales company created from the merger of Cobalt Media Group with Winchester Entertainment in June is starting to take shape, following the exit of Winchester chief exec Gary Smith two weeks ago.
Winchester Entertainment yesterday agreed to allow two internationally respected film finance experts to become joint leading shareholders in return for their film finance company, Cobalt.
The USAC Sprint Car season ended Sunday at Winchester Speedway with the Sammy Session Memorial in Indiana.