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, Ger. Windau, city (2011 provisional pop. 38,645), W Latvia, on the Baltic Sea, at the mouth of the Venta River. An ice-free seaport, it exports oil brought by pipeline or rail from Russia. Ventspils also has shipyards, fisheries, and varied manufactures.
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, Latvia.
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AMCI Sales agent Jeff Windau of Automation Support Group, previously represented the company in Florida and Georgia.
Over the same period in which Personick was publishing, the duo of Toscano and Windau penned three articles from 1992 through 1994 and one more in 1999.
We have seen this across the board where oil and gas has been this tremendous headwind," Edward Jones analyst Jeff Windau said.
Analyst Jeff Windau of Edward Jones Investments said most analysts were not put off by the one-time hit from renal denervation.
They're guiding conservatively given the current general macroeconomic situation," said Edward Jones analyst Jeff Windau, who has a "buy" rating on Abbott.
Bilensteins assessed a number of similar place-names (with vowel shifts) in his reference work, "Die Grenzen des lettischen Volkstammes"; for example, the place-name Amelinge was recorded in Zemgale, and dates from before 1263; this place-name may variously be associated with Amola, or Omola in Polish and the feature that it denotes was noted as located, 'zwischen dem Wirwita-Fluss und der Windau, zur Kreise Schaulen gehorig" (Bielenstein 1892 : 244).
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Jeff Windau, a chemical industry analyst with Edward Jones, states the consistent price increases could come back to bite DuPont.
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We didn't cause the crisis," said George Windau, a millwright at Chrysler's Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio, which has already had two of its three shifts suspended to save money.