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(building construction)
A step, generally wedge-shaped, with a tread that is wider at one end than the other; often used in spiral staircases.



(in the textile industry), a machine for rewinding yarn and thread. A distinction is made between warp and weft winders. The warp winders are divided into parallel and cross-winding machines, in terms of the type of yarn packing produced.

With parallel winding, the thread is wound on a double-headed bobbin along a spiral with a slight angle; with cross winding, a flangeless packing bobbin is used with a large spiral. Cross-winding machines are the most common, since they are more productive and form a package that is convenient for subsequent rewinding and dyeing processes.

winder, wheel step

A step, more or less wedge-shaped, with its tread wider at one end than the other, as in a spiral stair.
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Mr Winder had handed over pounds 5,000 in the belief that Hills could help.
We stayed at the ambassador's house, had a good meal, a couple of beers, watched the BBC news on TV, and went to bed," said Mr Winder.
Digital control systems on the winder incorporate electronic speed/distance protection and closed loop brake control, as well as functions specifically designed for the winder to reduce dynamic rope forces during drive and emergency braking conditions.
As part of our commitment to buy and serve the highest quality products available, and to purchase locally when superior products are obtainable, we are pleased to serve Winder products in our restaurants," says Tom Guinney, principal with the restaurants' parent company, GASTRONOMY.
Pepperdine was ranked third to start the season and rarely faltered, even though the Waves start a freshman setter in Winder and two of their top six hitters, Tom Hulse and John Parfitt, are sophomores.
Having the Arkansas Travelers leave Ray Winder Field would be the minor league equivalent of the Chicago Cubs leaving Wrigley Field.
The company's machinery for the robber and plastics industries is featured in a 12-page, four-color brochure, including single- and twin-screw extruders, planetary gear extruders, mills, winders, rubber processing extruders, rubber processing calenders and calender lines, microwave lines, etc.
With the help of Walmart store #520 on Atlanta Highway in Winder, Georgia, the Georgia chapter of the Veterans Support Organization is able to help countless area veterans.
IGV2 is also the latest generation twin chuck winders as well as classic single chuck winders.
The City of Winder will be accepting sealed bids for the construction of the Winder Public Works Facility Site Improvements in Winder, Georgia.
This article is intended to help processors select the best type of winder to use in order to consistently produce high-quality, defect-free rolls of web material.