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1. something blown down by the wind, esp a piece of fruit
2. Chiefly US and Canadian a plot of land covered with trees blown down by the wind



the uprooting of trees by the wind. Windfalls increase with the age of a forest. Trees suffering from root rot are particularly susceptible to windfall, as are trees grown in a dense forest that are left exposed after the felling of neighboring trees. In order to prevent windfall it is necessary to carry out systematic felling, plant wood stands, and lay wind-resistant borders.

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The windfall profits tax imposed on the oil industry in 1980 drove down domestic oil production by 3-6 percent and increased imports by 8-16 percent, according to the Congressional Research Service.
The data in this study shows that a substantial share of the cost of a Windfall Profits Tax would be borne by retirees and those saving for retirement.
The IMF's Executive Board agreed that the windfall profits should be used for the benefit of the Fund's low-income members, and that the distribution of profits could only take place after members accounting for at least 90 percent of the distribution undertook to make their shares available to the PRGT.
They consequently earned windfall profits of nearly 872 million for all airlines, if the full value of the free permits was charged to passengers.
was not eligible to claim a foreign tax credit for its payment of the windfall profits tax because the tax did not meet the gross receipts requirement of Regs.
Chancellor George Osborne offered a helping hand to motorists in a Budget which lopped 1p a litre off fuel duty and introduced a Fair Fuel Stabiliser, funded by new taxes on the windfall profits of oil companies.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of state-run power company National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Arup Roy Chowdhury, said it had made no windfall profits from the allocations and that the lower costs meant cheaper electricity for consumers.
The tax dispute between Anadarko and state-owned Sonatrach was sparked by a 2006 Algerian tax law on windfall profits.
The agreement included an obligation to maintain the government's share of project economic benefits at 52%, including a royalty, corporate income tax, the state portion of a profit-sharing contribution, and a windfall profits tax.
In the Sunday Mirror today, Labour leader Ed Miliband calls on the Government to insist that the industry hands back its windfall profits to needy customers.
High international gold and silver prices allow mining companies to reap windfall profits of up to 53% that are not shared with the state, say experts.
A windfall profits tax is a higher tax rate on profits that ensue from a sudden windfall gain to a particular company or industry.