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town (1990 pop. 22,039), Windham co., E Conn.; inc. 1692. It includes the industrial city of Willimantic where rubber, radio and electric parts, machinery, steel, and insulation are manufactured. At Windham Center (settled c.1688) are several historic buildings.
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He shook hands with each of them, saying in turn, "Lord Godalming, I had the honor of seconding your father at the Windham, I grieve to know, by your holding the title, that he is no more.
Then I will tell of my terrors -- yes, sire, of my terrors -- when, at the house of Colonel Windham, a farrier who came to shoe our horses declared they had been shod in the north.
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Kristi Johnson, principal, has been named a shareholder at Windham Brannon, a leading provider of tax, audit, accounting and advisory services, effective January 1, 2016.
Conrad Windham, Chief Executive Officer of Valiant, was a director of All Star until 2 June 2015.
The Town of Windham is applying for Community Development block Grant-Disaster Recovery ( CDBG-DR ) funds from the New York State Governor s Office of Storm Recovery ( GOSR ) NY Rising Community Reconstruction ( NYRCR ) Program for the design and construction of Town of Windham Drainage Improvements.
Computer Troubleshooters, an international franchise brand that delivers technology solutions and support to both business and residential customers, congratulates Windham on this recognition and his well-deserved award.
The Tales from Northumberland writers event will feature Janet MacLeod Trotter, Lorna Windham, Deborah Court and Caroline Roberts, with the panel discussing writing, their favourite books, and reading extracts of their work.
Jared Cassedy of Windham High School was one of 10 teachers selected as the finalists for the award, which recognizes educators who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education.
I AM currently researching the life of a former Liverpool resident, the engineer and hot-air balloonist, William Windham SADLER (1796-1824), and am hoping that via your pages I might be able to locate the whereabouts of a diary or other items which once belonged to him.
saximontanum, the new specimen was obtained from a population growing on granitic rock, but at elevations lower than previously reported (1237 m versus 1800-3000 m; Windham 1993; Haufler et al.
BOSTON -- Windham Capital, an investment management firm recognized for its innovative risk-based investment strategies, is one of three nominees for "Emerging Manager of the Year" in the Money Management Intelligence 12th Annual Public Pension Fund Awards for Excellence.