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Metallbauarbeiten window mullion and transom faade, Sonnenschutz.
In round or square forms it has the ability to be surface-mounted vertically or horizontally to a junction box or window mullion.
com)-- Edge ProTect, a wide V board surface protection product provides window mullion protection, corner protection and edge protection during construction and remodeling.
Contract award notice: construction and conversion diakonie-klinikum schwbisch hall - new 1st section - window mullion and transom facade, sunscreen.
Contract award notice: major overhaul bsz mgh - window mullion and transom faade.
Most buildings are designed on a unit of least dimension, often the window mullion spacing.
Contract Notice: The contract consists of proposed window mullion repairs and associated works to Masonhill Crematorium as per the attached Tender documents.
Contract notice: Expansion, remodeling and renovation of hermann-staudinger-gymnasium erlenbach, ba 1, metallbauarbeiten window mullion and transom facade, sun protection.
Windows are set back 4" at the first and second floors, lines of brick coursing have been projected 1", and two window mullion depths have been used to provide variation in the depth of the facade.
Designed by world-renowned architect David Childs of Skidmore Owings & Merrill, One World Trade Center offers unobstructed views, column-free floors, floor-to-ceiling clear glass windows, five-foot window mullions allowing for modular planning, a hardened core, high ceilings, end flexible corner office conditions.
In the immediate foreground he establishes architectural grids, often formed by translucent glass brick, window mullions, gates, or the "portals" that provide the exhibition's apt title.