Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update

In 2017, there were two major Updates to Windows 10: Version 1703 and 1709.

Creators Update (Version 1703 - April 2017)
Cortana guides the user through a fresh install of Windows, and tiles can become folders in the Start menu. An Xbox mode eliminates background processes in order to improve PC gaming performance. Picture-in-picture support was added to Skype and available to developers allowing users to watch videos while working on other tasks. Night Light enables warmer screen colors when working at night, and Dynamic Lock pairs with a smartphone to lock the computer's screen when the phone leaves the room.

Supporting the Surface Pen, Paint 3D allows building objects in 3D, and it supports objects created in Remix 3D. The Windows Hello biometric authentication is quicker, and Windows Ink was added to Office.

The Edge browser has several enhancements; for example, tabs can be taken off the tab bar and restored later, and e-books can be read within the browser. Add-ons (extensions) from third parties provide additional capabilities.

Fall Creators Update (Version 1709 - October 2017)
Numerous changes include support for ARM CPUs and the partial roll out of Fluent Design, a new user interface style. The Start menu has new options, and Windows Defender is more secure. Cortana can shut down and restart the PC by voice. The My People Hub on the taskbar provides quick access to contacts, and favorite contacts can be pinned on the taskbar for notifications.

There are additions to Settings; for example, a sidebar offers more help and videos, and system health information is provided. Storage Sense can delete files in the Downloads folder after 30 days as well as previous versions of Windows.

Remix Story lets people create their own video presentations using images from the Remix community along with soundtracks, and Paint 3D can be used to edit the objects. Windows Mixed Reality combines augmented and virtual reality when used with a Mixed Reality PC, headset and controllers. See Windows Mixed Reality and Microsoft Fluent Design System.
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