Windows Server 2003

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Windows Server 2003

The .NET version of the Windows 2000 server operating system. Introduced in the spring of 2003, it was originally known as .NET Server 2003. Similar to the Windows 2000 offerings, Windows Server 2003 is available in several versions. The Enterprise and Datacenter Editions are geared for mission critical applications with support for clustering, failover and load balancing. They are also available in 64-bit versions for Intel's IA-64 architecture. The Web Edition is designed for hosting a website. See Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2008 and .NET Enterprise Server.

Edition of            SMPWindows Server 2003   Support  RAM

 Standard              2-way    4GB
 Web Server            2-way    2GB

 32-bit Enterprise     8-way   32GB
 64-bit Enterprise     8-way   64GB

 32-bit DataCenter    32-way   64GB
 64-bit DataCenter    32-way  128GB
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