Win8 mouse tips

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Win8 mouse tips

These are the essentials for commanding a Windows 8 PC using the mouse. If you are not familiar with Windows 8 basics, see Win8 abc's, Win8 Start screen and Win8 Apps screen. See also Win8 touch tips.

1 - Access Start Screen
Point to lower left corner of the screen and click, or access the Charm bar (#2 below).

2 - Access Charm Bar
Point to the upper right corner of the screen and slide down or the lower right corner and slide up.

3 - Access Apps Screen
In the Start screen, right click any empty area, and select All Apps from the menu that appears.

4 - Pin App to Start Screen
In the Apps screen, right click the icon, and click Pin to Start from the menu that appears.

5 - Uninstall an App
In the Apps screen, right click the icon, and click Uninstall from the menu that appears.

6 - Switch Between Entire Apps
Click upper left corner of screen.

7 - Switch Between Apps Using Menu
Point to upper left edge of the screen and move mouse down the edge.

8 - Place an App in the Sidebar
From menu:
Display menu (#7 above), drag the app to the right, and hold onto it as it enlarges. While not letting go, drag it to the left or right side of the screen, which opens a sidebar to drop into.
From full-screen app:
Point to the top edge and drag left or right.

9 - Search for Apps, Files and Settings
Use the Charm bar (#2 above).

10 - Close an App
Point to top edge of screen and drag the mouse all the way down to the bottom.

11 - Turn Off Computer
Use the Charm bar (#2 above) and click Settings and Power.

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