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Flip 3D

A feature of the Aero interface that displays the desktop and all open applications as 3D images of the current windows. Pressing the Windows key + Tab key invokes Flip 3D, and continually pressing Windows-Tab rotates the windows from back to front. If the mouse has a secondary scroll wheel, windows can be moved in both directions.

In this mode, any application playing back video will show the continuous movement in the window even as all the windows are rotating.

Alt-Tab Lives On
The common Windows practice of pressing Alt-Tab to move from program to program still exists and is the only method in computers not powerful enough to run Aero. Starting with Vista, Alt-Tab displays thumbnails of open applications rather than only icons, as long as the computer has sufficient horsepower to support it. See Aero and Windows Experience Index.

Flip 3D in Aero
All open applications can be displayed as floating 3D windows and made to rotate. Clicking the window brings it back into 2D form. The desktop also becomes a floating window (at the back in this example). Selecting the desktop minimizes all open applications.
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