Windows Media

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Windows Media

Microsoft's audio and video framework for Windows, which embraces playback, encoding and streaming. Windows Media Player is the media player that comes with every version of Windows. Windows Media Encoder is software for converting live performances and existing audio and video files to Windows Media formats. Windows Media Server is a Windows server component for streaming audio and video.

Windows Media Player can also be downloaded for the Macintosh, although typically not the latest version. See Windows Media Player, Windows Media formats, Windows Media Rights Manager and QuickTime.

Native Microsoft Multimedia FormatsType   Purpose

   WAV    Audio

   AVI    Video

   ASF    A/V using non-Windows codecs

   WMA    Audio using Windows codec

   WMV    Video using Windows codec
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A spokesperson for the company said that it hopes the new service, along with Microsoft's Windows Media format, will enable libraries to provide audio book titles to patrons on a number of devices including PDAs, PCs and Smartphones.
of Wallingford, Connecticut, has introduced the VBXcoder, a real-time MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, to Internet video transcoding system, which converts live video to Windows Media format (.
Microsoft wanted to promote its own Windows Media format, which is just fine if your player supports it, and didn't want to pay royalties on millions of copies of XP that would never actually use an MP3 encoder.
The story contends that Windows XP will favor Microsoft's proprietaiy Windows Media Format (WMF) over competing formats, and that MP3 files on an XP system will have degraded audio quality and inflated file sizes in comparison to the same files stored in WMF.
to support Microsoft's Windows Media Format on StarBak's Torrent 100 and Torrent 1000 streaming media network appliances, as well as the Torrent CP streaming media cache product line.
The Windows Media Format is reportedly able to achieve MP3 quality at half the file size while enabling strong copyright protection.
These vulnerabilities impact Microsoft Windows, DirectX, DirectShow, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Format Runtime.
According to LSI's product brief, the "LSI Tarari Encoder Accelerator provides seamless acceleration for any WMV and VC-1 encoding applications based on the Microsoft Windows Media Format SDK--without the need for any special scripting or digital glue.
Version S enhancements include multiple capture formats, including uncompressed (AVI) format and Windows Media format (WMV) and options for saving media in multiple compression formats (AVI, WMV, H264, MPEG2).
NTT DoCoMo said from next month Pake-hodai full will enable FOMA i-mode subscribers with full browser handsets to view i-mode and PC websites and videos in Windows Media format, for a flat fee of JPY5,985 per month.
The songs will be encoded in the Windows Media format at a higher bit rate than Apple's standard format for iTunes, resulting in better sound quality, he added.
The opening of the online music store is another step in Microsoft's strategy to promote its Windows Media format.

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