Windows Media Rights Manager

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Windows Media Rights Manager

A digital rights management (DRM) system from Microsoft for securing digital content and distributing it over the Internet. Software components allow for publishing the files in an encrypted format, configuring and managing the site and issuing licenses. Starting with Version 6.2, Windows Media Player checks for secured files before playing them. If the files are not authorized by a license in the computer, the Player sends the user to the appropriate website for registration.

The media files and the licenses that allow them to be played are separate. The licenses are assigned to the computer, not the content. If the content is distributed to someone else, it cannot be played on another machine without a valid license on that machine.

Rights Manager can be used for various business models, including subscriptions, rentals and demos. For example, a song title might be valid as long as a subscription is maintained, or it could be set up to expire after playing a certain number of times or on a specific date. See Windows Media Player and Windows Media.
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Using Microsoft Windows Media Rights Manager, IP authentication, network security measures, and proprietary member key validation, MeTV's secure streaming process guarantees that no unauthorized individuals can access content.
The fact that iBEAM reached this license-delivery milestone so rapidly shows how it and Windows Media Rights Manager - the most widely deployed rights management technology for digital music, supported by hundreds of millions of players - delivers what customers and content owners want.
Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 using Windows Media Rights Manager technology brings digital content to mainstream consumers and breaks down ease of use barriers to digital music.
Founded in 1999, Server-Side Technologies has pioneered the use of the Microsoft Windows Media Rights Manager technologies.
With the help of Windows Media Rights Manager, artists and distributors may gain a better overview of the spread of music, so that unauthorized usage will be more difficult," said Lars Backhans, Nordic Head of Microsoft Consumer and Commerce Group.

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