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Windows Media

Microsoft's audio and video framework for Windows, which embraces playback, encoding and streaming. Windows Media Player is the media player that comes with every version of Windows. Windows Media Encoder is software for converting live performances and existing audio and video files to Windows Media formats. Windows Media Server is a Windows server component for streaming audio and video.

Windows Media Player can also be downloaded for the Macintosh, although typically not the latest version. See Windows Media Player, Windows Media formats, Windows Media Rights Manager and QuickTime.

Native Microsoft Multimedia FormatsType   Purpose

   WAV    Audio

   AVI    Video

   ASF    A/V using non-Windows codecs

   WMA    Audio using Windows codec

   WMV    Video using Windows codec
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By licensing and receiving Microsoft certification STARBAK has proven that it is interoperable with our complete family of current generation Windows Media technologies including our streaming server, protocols and player," said Jonathan Usher, Director, Windows Digital Media Division, Microsoft Corp.
Independent companies looking for technical resources and information about Windows Media Technologies, including how to create content, set up streaming servers, and build Windows Media compatible products, visit Microsoft's MSDN Windows Media Developer Center to find listings for pertinent skill sets.
As an example, developers can use Intel IPP to rapidly implement Windows Media Technologies in devices to increase frames per second video performance, improve sound quality and enhance graphical effects.
By receiving Microsoft certification, the NetCache appliance has proven that it is interoperable with our complete family of Windows Media technologies, including our streaming server, protocols, and player," said Jonathan Usher, group product manager, Windows Digital Media Division, Microsoft Corp.
The agreement provides for the licensing, development and distribution of Windows Media Technologies with CacheFlow Content Accelerators, enabling on demand and live streaming solutions for organizations delivering multimedia content to end users.
ConnectTV is an intelligent iTV middleware engine enabled through Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that includes new features such as digital video recording and high-quality MPEG-2 and Windows Media Technologies streaming video.
CenterSpan's C-star content delivery network is a strong example of how custom solutions and peer-to-peer services can be developed using Microsoft's Windows Media Technologies platform," said Dave Fester, general manager, Windows Digital Media Division, Microsoft Corp.

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