Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile

(1) (lower case "m"obile) Any Windows-based mobile device. See Windows Phone.

(2) (upper case "M"obile) The formal name of Microsoft's first platform for handheld devices, including PDAs, smartphones, portable media players and automobiles. The Windows CE operating system was the foundation of Windows Mobile, and small-screen versions of Office and other Microsoft applications were featured, along with third-party apps (see Windows Marketplace for Mobile).

Windows Mobile smartphones were superseded by Windows Phone, a complete departure (see Windows Phone). Following are the Windows Mobile categories. See Windows CE, Pocket PC and KIN.

A PDA platform without cellular communications; formerly part of Pocket PC.

A touchscreen smartphone platform; formerly the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

A non-touchscreen smartphone platform. Formerly Microsoft's Smartphone platform (upper case "S").

Hands-free cellular for in-vehicle communications and entertainment. See Windows Mobile for Automotive.

Portable Media Center and Zune
Windows Mobile components have been used in Microsoft's Portable Media Center devices, which evolved into the Zune digital media player. See Portable Media Center and Zune.
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Support for multi interface USB devices -- Full support for Windows Mobile 2005 devices -- The default network adapter automatically bridges to the most readily available network
E Laboratorio de Pruebas de eSemanal comprobo que una vez que han sido cifrados los contactos, cuando se trata de abrir la libreta de direcciones de Windows Mobile 2005, el sistema advierte al usuario que la aplicacion esta protegida.
Leading operators use TWUIK to create rich-media applications across an ever wider range of supported devices including Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ, Windows Mobile 2005, Linux, DoCoMo Java and JavaME.
Additionally, Streamezzo supports the industry's broadest possible array of mobile devices and operating systems, including: Nukleus, Brew, Windows Mobile 2005, all Symbian platforms, all Mobile Java platforms, Rex and most proprietary operating systems.
By fully supporting Windows Mobile 2005, we continue to offer our customers the best possible compatibility in the industry.
Roaming Messenger(R) (OTCBB:RMSG), the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology, today announced that RMSG's robust support for Microsoft's(R) Windows Mobile 2005 operating system, will allow the new Microsoft based Palm(R) devices to instantly utilize RMSG technology.