Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile

(1) (lower case mobile) Any Windows-based mobile device. See Windows Phone.

(2) (upper case Mobile) Microsoft's first platform for handheld devices. Windows Mobile debuted in 2000 for the Pocket PC as Windows CE, which was the underlying operating system. In 2003, the Windows Mobile brand was introduced. Some 50 million Windows Mobile devices were sold, and during its heyday, most phones were manufactured by HTC. See Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Phone and KIN.

Windows Mobile featured small-screen versions of Office and other Microsoft applications along with third-party apps from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile online store. In 2010, Windows Mobile was superseded by Windows Phone, which offered a dramatic change in style and features. Following are the Windows Mobile categories.

A PDA platform without cellular communications; formerly part of Pocket PC.

A touchscreen smartphone platform; formerly the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

A non-touchscreen smartphone platform. Formerly the Microsoft Smartphone platform.

Hands-free cellular for in-vehicle communications and entertainment. See Windows Mobile for Automotive.

Portable Media Center and Zune
Windows Mobile components have been used in Microsoft's Portable Media Center devices, which evolved into the Zune digital media player. See Portable Media Center and Zune.
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These districts use HTC smartphones--running Windows Mobile 6.
Microsoft announced Monday that its Windows Marketplace app store is now available on Windows Mobile 6.
The device includes 128 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash memory; Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.
Ipaq 510 tiene procesador TI OMAP 850 200MHz, sistema operativo Windows Mobile 6.
RIM plans to offer the software for a number of devices running Windows Mobile 6.
4 inch screen, side-sliding keyboard and crams in Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile 6.
5 but later at the end of this year it will open the availability for Windows Mobile 6.
The MC75 is based on Intel's XScale PXA270 624 MHz processor and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.