Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile

(1) (lower case mobile) Any Windows-based mobile device. See Windows Phone.

(2) (upper case Mobile) Microsoft's first platform for handheld devices. Windows Mobile debuted in 2000 for the Pocket PC as Windows CE, which was the underlying operating system. In 2003, the Windows Mobile brand was introduced. Some 50 million Windows Mobile devices were sold, and during its heyday, most phones were manufactured by HTC. See Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Phone and KIN.

Windows Mobile featured small-screen versions of Office and other Microsoft applications along with third-party apps from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile online store. In 2010, Windows Mobile was superseded by Windows Phone, which offered a dramatic change in style and features. Following are the Windows Mobile categories.

A PDA platform without cellular communications; formerly part of Pocket PC.

A touchscreen smartphone platform; formerly the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

A non-touchscreen smartphone platform. Formerly the Microsoft Smartphone platform.

Hands-free cellular for in-vehicle communications and entertainment. See Windows Mobile for Automotive.

Portable Media Center and Zune
Windows Mobile components have been used in Microsoft's Portable Media Center devices, which evolved into the Zune digital media player. See Portable Media Center and Zune.
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Nevertheless, when a user asked  if it's time to leave the Windows Mobile platform, Belfiore maintained that it is really up to the consumer.
With a suite of mobile solutionsoperated through apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platform, Rivo helps brands manage incidents, audits and inspections, corrective actions, and other corporate risk and compliance reporting.
In 2011, it chose to bet on the Windows mobile platform, which proved to be a failure.
Compatibility with ThingMagic application development tools including Universal Reader Assistant and Autonomous Configuration tools, Multiprotocol Gen2 (ISO 18000-63) tag reader, with optional ISO 18000-6B, ISO 18000-6D (IPx) and AEI ATA protocol support, Instant read autonomous operation, Two antenna ports - integrated and external, +30dBm TX power (max) with dual USB/power cable, Backward compatible with ThingMagic USB Plus+ Desktop Reader, Read range adjustable up to 20 feet, Android and Windows mobile platform support, Configurable for worldwide UHF frequencies, RAIN (RAdio frequency IdentificatioN) standards compatible.
Nokia's Lumia series of top-end smartphones is based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform, "which will not change," Nokia Lower Gulf general manager Vithesh Reddy told the GDN.
What concerns the latest version of Windows mobile platform (Windows Phone 8), can already be called the most expedient operating system for the implementation of business software solutions due to its principle orientation towards enterprise marketplace.
A high-ranking Nokia executive, Tero Ojanper, will leave the cellphone maker to lead a new company backed by Nokia to encourage developers to write applications for Microsoft's Windows mobile platform.
Ms Natasha Kwan, Regional Director, Mobile Communications Business, Asia, Microsoft Corporation said the openness of the Windows Mobile platform facilitated the development of the Telstra Interface.
lt;p>Last October, top Motorola officials criticized the Windows Mobile platform for its consumer uses but still said they would stick with the operating system for high-end phones, in addition to adding Android-based phones.
Running on a Microsoft Windows Mobile platform, the Q 9c also features Bluetooth wireless technology, 64MB of RAM and 128MB of Flash memory and a Mini SD card slot for additional data storage.
Microsoft s mobile communications business division provides operating systems for smartphones and other mobile devices based on the Windows Mobile platform.
Instead Google are producing Android, their own mobile platform, a la Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform and Nokia's Symbian.