Windows commands

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Windows commands

The following Windows commands, which are excecuted on the command line, are described in this encyclopedia. See cmd abc's.
 Dir     List file names

    Del     Remove a file

    Rename  Change names

    type    Display a text file

    Xcopy   Copy files and folders

    copy    Copy files

    Mkdir   Create folder

    Chdir   Go to folder

    Rmdir   Remove folder

    Cls    Clear screen
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Network administrators can open multiple consoles for the same PC or different PCs and execute Windows commands and processes remotely.
TAPEDISK permits users to open, close, launch and view files on tape with DOS and Windows commands.
With PC-Interface, students use familiar DOS and Windows commands and interfaces to access AFS files and services stored on UNIX workstations.
The BasicCAD programming language offers users and third-party developers full access to all DesignCAD 3D for Windows commands, plus a familiar structure similar to Microsoft's QuickBasic.