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city (1990 pop. 11,931), seat of Cowley co., S central Kans., on the Walnut River; inc. 1873. The economy is based on agriculture and oil and gas wells. Among Winfield's manufactures are plastic and metal products, machinery, and heating equipment. Southwestern College is there.
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if you made it into a play, and that's Winfield Knight.
And so, little by little, the character of Willie grew, till it ceased to be the Willie of the magazine story, and became Winfield Knight himself, with improvements.
At last there came the day when the play was finished, when the last line was written, and the last possible alteration made; and later, the day when Rutherford, bearing the brown-paper-covered package under his arm, called at the Players' Club to keep an appointment with Winfield Knight.
Principally, it is true, a personal triumph for Winfield Knight.
It might, as one critic pointed out, be more of a monologue act for Winfield Knight than a play, but that did not affect Rutherford.
But Winfield Knight, flushed with success, was in his most expansive mood.
At length the party broke up in one last explosion of handshaking and congratulations; and, eluding Winfield Knight, who proposed to take him off to his club, he started to walk up Broadway.
How did you think I'd managed to find out so much about Winfield Knight?
Lakers star Gary Payton, will be honored at the dinner in June), Cookie Johnson (Magic's wife) and Tonya Winfield (Dave's wife), were wowed by the St.
When actor Paul Winfield died of a heart attack on Match 7, his performances in The 1972 classic family drama Sounder and the 1978 miniseries King were duly noted by The New York Times.
James Winfield had gone out with the tragic schoolgirl for most of 1996, but the couple split up just before she was killed on New Year's Eve.