Arnold von Winkelried

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Winkelried, Arnold von

(är`nôlt fən vĭng`kəlrēt), d. 1386, Swiss hero. His action at the battle of Sempach (July 9, 1386) is credited in legend with the Swiss defeat of the Austrians under Duke Leopold. According to the legend, Winkelried saved the battle by throwing himself against the Austrians and gathering against his breast all the spears within reach. He fell dead but he had breached the enemy ranks, and his compatriots rushed to victory. There has been much argument as to the truth of this legend, and the debate has been referred to facetiously as the "second battle of Sempach." In 1886 a monument to Winkelried was erected on the battlefield.

Arnold von Winkelried:

see WinkelriedWinkelried, Arnold von
, d. 1386, Swiss hero. His action at the battle of Sempach (July 9, 1386) is credited in legend with the Swiss defeat of the Austrians under Duke Leopold.
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Winkelried, Arnold Von


National Swiss hero of the 14th century. Lived in Unterwalden Canton.

According to tradition, von Winkelried ensured the victory of the Swiss over the Austrian duke Leopold at the battle of Sempach at the cost of his life.

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