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Churchill, Winston,

1871–1947, American novelist, b. St. Louis, grad. Annapolis, 1894. He wrote several popular historical novels including Richard Carvel (1899), The Crisis (1901), and The Crossing (1904). His later books, such as Coniston (1906), The Inside of the Cup (1913), and The Dwelling-Place of Light (1917), reflected his interest in social, religious, and political problems.

Churchill, Winston

(1874–1965) statesman whose rousing oratory led the British in WWII. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 556]
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Teaching of history is so poor that youngsters do not know about the wartime leader, claimed former Tory MP Winston Spencer Churchill.
The Churchill Centre was founded in 1968 to educate new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision and courage of Winston Spencer Churchill.
Otra de las afortunadas frases del mitico politico y escritor ingles Winston Spencer Churchill dice: "Pese a su pequenez y pobreza, los Balcanes han hecho mas historia que muchas otras partes de Europa, historia que va mas, alla de su capacidad de consumo".
Most history teaching was so poor that younger generations were ignorant of Churchill and the Second World War, according to former Conservative MP Winston Spencer Churchill.
Interestingly, the Palatis bout was also Williams's first under the stewardship of Winston Spencer, who took over from Jimmy Tibbs as trainer.

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