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(jargon, architecture)
A term describing any computer platform consisting of some version of Microsoft Windows running on an Intel 80x86 processor or compatible.

Despite the dominance of the wintel platform, in its many forms, from MS-DOS on an Intel 8088 to Windows 2000 on a Pentium II Xeon, there are many "non-wintel" platforms in use. These include Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Atari, A\Box, Be, Network Computer, OS/2, PowerPC, Psion, Linux and all other Unix systems.

Convergence International.


(WINdows InTEL) The world's largest desktop and laptop computer environment, which is Windows running on an Intel CPU. See Lintel and Mactel.
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However, knowing what I do about a rather big assault by the WinTel folks to create some really great hybrids around Windows 8, I would certainly hope that this type of product would be on the radar.
Both companies are supporting Wintel boxes alongside Unix servers on RISC architectures.
These accounts come in a number of different guises and include, but are not limited to, generic accounts such as Administrator on Wintel platforms, Root on UNIX systems, Cisco Enable, DBA passwords and any hard-coded passwords found in application code or scripts throughout an enterprise.
The Guardium solution is being used to centrally audit and protect two data centers holding numerous Oracle and Microsoft databases, running on Sun Solaris and Wintel servers.
We will be able to continue with our current applications, while also providing local school districts with new ones on the open Wintel module.
The 1394 Trade Association has estimated that by the end of 2006, more than five million 1394b-equipped Wintel and MAC PCs will have shipped.
DSView 3 management software is compatible with Wintel, Sun Solaris and Novell SuSE servers as well as Red Hat Linux operating systems.