Wire Rod

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wire rod

[′wīr ‚räd]
A metal rod used in wiredrawing.

Wire Rod


hot-rolled wire having a round section with a diameter between 5 and 10 mm. Wire rod is produced on special wire-rod mills or combination wire-rod-section mills and wound into coils by coiling machines. Most wire rod goes into the production of cold-drawn wire up to 0.01 mm in diameter. Springs and reinforced-concrete fittings are also made from steel wire rod.

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com adds new report on "Global Aluminum Wire Rods Market 2015-2019 and Global Xylitol Market 2016-2020" its research store.
Our innovation and continuous improvement will play a major role in creating clean and consistent quality wire rod products," said Saeed G Al Romaithi, Emirates Steel CEO.
At present, Emirates Steel is relying on its own R&D capabilities to produce special grades of high carbon wire rod that would be used in the production of lighter automotive components such car springs and tyre reinforcement cords; high-tensile ropes for bridges and wire ropes for the oil and gas industry that can withstand harsher environments, the company said.
Gunung Gahapi is a local steel company with a production capacity of 120,000 tons of wire rod and concrete reinforced iron.
Algeria now imports about 3 million MT/PA of re-bar and wire rod.
Furthermore, the strengthing of scrap and billet prices in the domestic market also provides support for the wire rod price rises.
The construction sector is the primary consumer of our rebar and wire rod products," he said.
ESI stated that 50 per cent of its wire rod and coil production and 15 per cent of its rebar will be exported in 2011.
Wire rod mechanical descaling and surface preparation in a drawing line became widely popular in Europe and the USA to process low carbon wire rod of up to 18.
Consequently, the need for local sources of special steel wire rod for auto parts has been growing rapidly.
The four downstream wire rod and grinding ball facilities have an annual production capacity of approximately 300,000 tons.
COUNTERVAILING and antidumping duties imposed by the United States on Canadian exports of carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod have been undermined by a strongly critical ruling a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) panel.