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The use of telemetry techniques, especially radio waves, to study behavior and physiology of living things.



a method of long-distance investigation of biological phenomena and measurement of biological parameters.

Appropriate sensors are attached to the object under study (animal or human being), and its signals characterizing various biological or physiological processes (locomotion, pulse, respiration, and so on) are transmitted via communication channels (radio or telephone) and recorded at an information-receiving point. The process in question, if it is nonelectrical in nature, is first transformed into some electrical signals. Telemetry makes it possible to carry on investigations at great distances (for example, in space flights) or while the object is moving (during athletic contests or in the course of work).

Telemetry also makes it possible to transmit signals about the processes that take place in the internal organs. For this purpose one or more ultraminiature radiotransmitters (so-called radiocapsules) are introduced into a body cavity (the stomach or intestine) or implanted in tissue. Telemetry can be used to study the behavior of animals in their normal habitat and under conditions that used to make it impossible to investigate physiological processes, during the flight of birds, for example.

Biotelemetry is now an important factor in space biology and space medicine, in the physiology of work and sports, and in the ecology and physiology of animals.


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