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A trough which is lined with sheet metal and has hinged covers, designed to house electrical conductors or cables.


A metal wiring enclosure, usually rectangular in cross section, with a removable front or top cover to protect the conductors inside it. Also called a raceway.


Any channel designed to enclose and loosely hold electric conductors; may be of metal or of an insulating material; various types include rigid conduit, flexible metallic conduit, nonmetallic conduit, metallic tubing, under-floor raceways, cellular floor raceways, surface metal raceways, structural raceways, wireways and busways, and auxiliary gutters or moldings.
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Hoffman also manufactures wireway and trough for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.
A unique aluminum extrusion design provides integrated wireways inside the system and a convenient, adjustable and attractive platform for mounting a variety of pole accessories and amenities.
Custom-designed, extruded aluminum luminaires integrate ballasts, wireways and emergency power supplies, ensuring adaptability and ease-of-maintenance.