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or Wisby
, city (1990 pop. 20,990), capital of Gotland co., SE Sweden, on Gotland Island and on the Baltic Sea. It is an industrial center and a popular resort and has a modern ice-free port. Manufactures include cement and refined sugar.
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, Sweden.
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Aaron and Wisby (1964) reported that maximum pink shrimp photo-activation (attraction to light) occurred during the full moon.
I wasn't frustrated because I knew that in the second half, most of the time, in close games, that we've been able to take it to teams and find a way to score goals," Wisby said.
The hard core of seven - all from London - who received the 30-year sentences were: Ronald Arthur Biggs (34), left, carpenter, Douglas Gordon Goody (34), hairdresser, Charles Frederick Wilson (31), bookmaker, Thomas William Wisby (33), bookmaker, Robert Welch (34) club proprietor, James Hussey (30) painter and Roy James (23) a racing motorist.
Hunter and Wisby (1961) and Hunter and Hastler (1965) documented redfin shiners Lythrurus umbratilis spawning in nests of green sunfish Lepomis cyanellus.
Chloritkalk, Vaginatenkalk, Jewe (Johvi) Zone)(1), occur also in the outcrops of the Swedish mainland and/or on Oland; (2) the uppermost zones of the 'lower Silurian formation' in Estonia (Wesenberg (Rakvere), Lyckholm (Saaremoisa), Borkholm (Porkuni)) occur also in Dalarna; (3) the rocks in the Wisby (Visby) Zone on Gotland are similar to the basal part of the 'upper Silurian formation' in Estonia, i.
Swedish hotel property company Home Properties AB (OMX Stockholm: HOPR) said on Friday (9 May) that it has agreed to acquire two properties adjacent to its hotel property Clarion Hotel Wisby in Visby, Sweden.
In Visby you can stay in a medieval house, the Medieval Hotel, furnished and decorated with an interior inspired by the fourteenth century; swim between medieval columns in the pool below the Wisby Hotel or attend the Medieval Week which takes place every August.
Aqui muestran la importancia que tuvieron para el derecho maritimo las conocidas como leyes de Rhodias, incorporadas en el siglo VI al Digesto y Codigo bizantinos, los denominados juicios de Oleron, promulgados en el siglo XIII, las ordenanzas de Wisby, el Llibre del Consolat de Mar del siglo XIV, y ya en el ambito castellano, en la Edad Moderna, las normativas consulares, primero las ordenanzas del Consulado de Burgos de 1538, que servirian de modelo a las del de Sevilla de 1556, y las de este, a su vez, a las de los americanos de Mexico y Lima; y en el siglo XVIII las ordenanzas del Consulado de Bilbao, de 1737, que inspirarian a los consulados americanos y de Manila fundados bajo la dinastia borbonica.
Williams's girlfriend, Rebecca Wisby, 32, of White Hart Drive, Newsome, and his friend Ralston Madourie, 31, of Park Lea, Bradley, were given 12-month jail sentences, suspended for a year, after they admitted helping an offender.