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international five-and-dime store. [Am. Commerce: NCE, 3004]
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The judge could not divide Woolie No Shoes and Barefoot Arthur first time around, but yesterday's noon shootout saw Woolie No Shoes come out on top by half a length in 29.
Bubsy will adventure through six worlds, each containing three chapters, before the final show down against the big Woolie mother ship.
In the second semi-final Darren Ellard's Woolie No Shoes displayed his usual early pace to lead up from Dodging Bullets and Crown Champ.
Mary and Woolie become a wonderful pair and the two journey everywhere together:
Boy readers who tend to seek out edgier books should be excited by Woolie and Worms' dastardly villains.
The MHS Woolie mascot visited each class to tell the children that students practice "Woolie pride in the environment" at the high school.
She helped lead the Woolies to the semifinals of the Central Mass.
All four applied to Thursday's showdown between neighboring rivals Grafton and Millbury at Richard Egsegian Memorial Athletic Field, where a hearty crowd braved the season's first snow and morning cold to watch a classic unfold as the Woolies won, 26-24.
July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Braun Brush Company opened a second brush manufacturing facility in the US on March 20, 2012 to meet the increasing demand for Wheel Woolies car care brushes.
WOOLWORTHS - or Woolies as it was affectionately known - was a popular store which had more than 800 outlets at its peak.
And it is staggeringly unjust to discover that thousands of loyal Woolies workers will now lose out on their share of pounds 67.
The Woolies have lost their fruit and they need young readers to help solve the mystery.