Work Period

Work Period


a part of production time during which workers operate directly on an object of labor in order to produce a finished product of labor. A work period does not include interruptions in the labor process or the time during which an object of labor is acted upon by natural forces without human participation, for example, in drying wood and in chemical reactions.

Upon considering the relationship between a work period and a workday, K. Marx characterized a work period as being “a definite number of consequent workdays required in a certain branch of a production sector for the completion of the finished product” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch, 2nd ed., vol. 24, p. 259). Work periods differ in length in different branches of material production, depending on both the nature of the production process and the product of labor being manufactured. For example, yarn and fabrics are made in a few hours, while a rug may take a week to make and a tapestry may take years. A modular residential building can be constructed in several months, while a large electric power plant takes several years to build.

Scientific and technological progress leads to the reduction of a work period. Under capitalism, however, a decrease in a work period is accompanied by an intensification of labor and the use of the sweatshop system. Under socialism, the work period decreases and the intensity of labor for workers remains normal; this is a result of planned measures to improve the organization of production and labor, refine technological processes, specialize production, and comprehensively use new scientific and technical achievements.


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Adult workers, that is those aged 18 or over, are entitled to a rest period of eleven consecutive hours each 24-hour work period.
Ashghal will install all necessary signage in the area to notify drivers during work period.
There has not been any LTI amongst employees and contractors since November 2004 that could have resulted in any one of them failing to report for duty in the following work period.
The at Hill The man His unpaid work period was extended by three months to ensure the 300 hours are completed and he was given a 7pm Saturday to 6am Sunday curfew for 16 weeks.
Miller on the occasion of his retirement and completion of his work period in Bahrain.
Ashghal will install the necessary road signs at the closure point to guide motorists during the work period.
Naima Hassan Al-Gaseer, has asserted her cooperation with the Sudan, providing her work plan for the coming statge, and lauding the Sudan's efforts in the field of the primary health care and control of epidemics, indicating that the health system in Sudan is one of the most powerful systems in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, referring to her previous work period in Sudan in the field of maternal and child health, praising the role of workers in this field.
Despite the ban on recruitments and without obtaining any NOC from the Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan, the then DG Pak PWD, Gulab Zameer submitted a request on February 14, 2012 for approval of look after Secretary Housing for extension in work period of 92 already appointed employees and for fresh appointment of 654 employees in Pak PWD.
The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation will consider and report legislation during the Senate's September work period, including the reauthorization of expiring provisions of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010.
As many as 17 centres, located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah, will extend the work period by 3 extra hours daily, from 9pm to midnight.
An increase in the minimum wage could be a disaster for some on Social Security Disability, who are allowed to earn up to $1,070 per month and after a trial work period can be thrown off SSD if that number continues to be exceeded.
Besides, conferees have agreed over a specific work period to discuss a new electoral plan.